Fitting Instructions for Zero Carry v2.0

(Make sure your firearm is unloaded first)

1. Size Zero Carry v2.0 trigger guard to your gun.

    a. Remove the belt clip by rotating it 90 degrees and pulling it straight off. This makes screw access easier.

    b. Remove two (2) phillips screws with screw driver.

    c. With gun barrel fully seated on the alignment rod, slide the trigger guard up/down until the firearm’s trigger is fully covered.

    d. Carefully re-insert the two screws making sure to not over-tighten.

2. Size Zero carry v2.0 to barrel length.

    a. Reinstall the belt clip.

    b. Slide it up/down until the top of the belt clip sits level with the pistol grip of
    the firearm.

    c. Lock the belt clip in place, rotating it back 90 degrees.

    d. Adjust as necessary to have the firearm grip rest on your belt when holstered in
    your waistband.

3. Install secondary retention strap. (optional)

    a. Attach hook and loop belt sections with minimum 1-inch of overlap.

    b. Thread the assembled strap through the bottom of the trigger guard.

    c. Adjust the strap length to achieve the desired amount of retention. More overlap equals more retention. Minimal overlap provides retention while allowing quick removal of the firearm.

*Warning: Do not allow the retention strap to depress the palm safety found on some firearms.

Important: For safety, trigger guard MUST ALWAYS be obscured by belt and trigger guard when holstered.

To adjust Zero Carry fit/height:  Rotate J-hook 90 degrees to belt clip and slide up/down to desired height. Rotate 90 degrees back in place to lock.



WARNING: Zero Carry® is designed to provide the user with a method of IWB (in waistband) concealed carry that is minimal in design by reducing bulk. Zero Carry® is not to be used with a firearm holstered in Condition 0, 1, or 2 (chambered round in firearm). It is advisable to never touch trigger until ready to shoot. Never point firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.

Important: For safety, trigger MUST ALWAYS be obscured by belt when holstered.

To Adjust Zero Carry® fit/height:

  1. Rotate J-hook 90 degrees to belt clip and slide up or down to desired height.
  2. Rotate J-hook 90 degrees back in place to lock.

The following is a general reference for different types of carrying a firearm. These conditions were largely influenced by John Dean “Jeff” Cooper – creator of what is known as “the Modern Technique” of handgun shooting. 
These conditions were developed largely to define the different methods of carrying the model 1911 type of firearms. With the advent of more modern firearms and various firing mechanisms, not all of the elements of the following conditions apply to all firearms.


Zero Carry® was designed to be used in Condition 3 or Condition 4 carry (i.e. no round in the chamber).




• Condition 0: round in chamber, hammer cocked, safety Off, loaded magazine
• Condition 1: round in chamber, hammer cocked, safety On, loaded magazine(also known as “cocked and locked”)
• Condition 2: round in chamber, hammer uncocked, loaded magazine
• Condition 3: empty chamber, hammer uncocked, loaded magazine
• Condition 4: empty chamber, no magazine in weapon