Here is a collection of information and some frequently asked questions about Zero Carry.

  • Retention

    – Coefficient of friction between cotton blend fabric and steel (ZC) greater than steel on plastic (conventional holster)
    – Zero Carry version 2.0 has a new optional retention strap. Adjust the overlap to dial in your preferred amount of retention.

  • Sweat

    – Regardless of holster solution and IWB holster will expose the firearm to moisture. Regular and proper maintenance is critical.

  • Trigger guard

    – Zero Carry version 2.0 has an integrated trigger guard. Regardless of which Zero Carry you choose, your brain, hands, belt and pant seam are the trigger guard. As a gun owner, you should have an intimate knowledge of your gun, holster and even the clothing you wear and how they work together as a system.  Your trigger has substantially more possibilities for accidental contact outside your pants/holster than inside. Always be aware of possible snags or entanglements.

  • Barrel blockage

    – The barrel rod is design to be a clearance/slip fit with all calibers .32 ACP and up. In the very unlikely event that it should become damaged, it will fall free of the barrel. Probability of ZC barrel rod getting stuck in your barrel is infinitely less that your cleaning rod getting stuck in it!

Can a user carry with ZERO CARRY cocked and locked?

No, we do not recommend carrying cocked and locked – a loaded mag is acceptable though. Like many in the firearm industry, we have adopted safety warnings that insure anyone who uses a firearm is safe. We cannot know the level of firearm or safety training a user may have, so for safety, we recommend not carrying a firearm cocked and locked. Again, a loaded mag is acceptable though. Any user should always fully read their firearm’s instruction manual and carry under the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Will ZERO CARRY work with accessories attached to my firearm?

WITH ZERO CARRY VERSION 1.0: Yes, you can use ZERO CARRY with many accessory combinations.
WITH ZERO CARRY VERSION 2.0: Version 2.0 will not accept accessories due to the integrated trigger guard.

Can I use ZERO CARRY for outside the waistband carry?

No, ZERO CARRY is only intended for inside the waistband.

Do I have to wear a belt?

Yes, you should always wear a belt when using ZERO CARRY. When Zero Carry is properly installed, your belt provides added trigger obstruction and helps prevent accidental contact with the trigger.

What size belt fits ZERO CARRY?

Fit up to 1.875” wide belt.

Should I see shavings from the barrel alignment rod?

Yes, this is normal during the first 48 hours of use.

Can I re-holster my gun with ZERO CARRY still in my pants?


Will ZERO CARRY come loose if the firearm is drawn in a forceful manner?


Will ZERO CARRY work for left handed shooters?

Yes, ZERO CARRY is truly ambidextrous. Handedness does not affect the effectiveness or compromise the ride in any way.

Will ZERO CARRY harm my gun's barrel?

No, ZERO CARRY will not harm your firearm in any way.

Will ZERO CARRY harm my guns finish?

No, ZERO CARRY will not harm your gun’s finish. It is designed in a way that it normally does not touch your gun’s external finish. However, as with every holster and material on the market today some wear is unavoidable and normal. We have performed thousands of test draws and they still do not show any wear.

Will sweat get on my gun?

Yes, sweat may get on your gun. As with any inside the waistband concealed carry device, sweat is always going to come in contact with some part of the firearm. Proper gun care and maintenance is always recommended. With today’s tough, rust resistant finishes it’s not an issue. Oil your firearm every couple of days and you’ll be fine.

Will the barrel alignment rod get stuck in my barrel if it's broken off?

No, if somehow a user manages to break a barrel alignment rod it will drop free from the barrel.

Is this product used in Law Enforcement?

We have several users that are law enforcement officers. We also have active duty and retired military users.

Is there a ZERO CARRY for revolvers?

Yes, ZERO CARRY works with revolvers too.
Zero Carry v2.0 only works with 2″ “J” frame revolvers.

Is ZERO CARRY a holster?

By definition ZERO CARRY is not a holster.

Is ZERO CARRY patented?

Yes, the revolutionary ZERO CARRY is patent pending.